2005 Kansas City Super Youth Circuit

Results & Medals

Space City Fencing Fencers came back to Houston with a total of 9 Medals – 4 gold! Congratulations and good luck at Summer Nationals!

Elizabeth Donnenberg 2 Gold Medal in Y-12 and Y-14 Women’s Epee
Rebecca Rea silver Medal in Y-14 Women’s Epee
Samuel Freiman Silver Medal in Y-10 Men’s Epee
Benjamin Freiman Bronze Medal in Y-12 Men’s Epee

David Filteau Gold Medal in Y-10 Men’s Saber

Christian McNamara Gold Medal in Y-10 Men’s Foil
Pierce McNamara Bronze Medal in Y-10 Men’s Foil
Thomas Dudey 6th place in Y-10 Men’s Foil

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