2006 North American Cup in Albuquerque, NM

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By: Elizabeth Donnenberg

I would like to share with all of you my experience at the NAC in Albuquerque Nov 9-13th, In Cadet, I didn’t do very well in the pools. I didn’t recognize any of the fencers except for one of my friends, Barrette. I lost three and won three of my bouts. I only remember my bout against Barrette, which ended 5-3. I won. I don’t remember all of my DE’s either. I won a few and then had to fence Hurley and lost pretty badly. I need to get stronger and quicker if I hope to beat her. Then I fenced Gagen and won 15-14. Making actions with sixes really helped and staying active. My last bout was against D’Agostino. I know that if I took a strong enough six I could have win but my wrist was tired and I couldn’t execute the action.

In Youth 14, I had I nice pool and won all of my bouts. My first DE was against this girl named Young. She was kind of difficult because she was quick but I was finally able to get her and finish the bout 15-11. My next DE was against Foster, she used a French grip and liked to lunge. I beat her 15-6. After that I got into the top eight and lost to English from Los Angeles. She goes to the same club as Gagen. With her, my wrist started to hurt and it was hard for me to avoid getting my blade hit and still be able to get the point.

Juniors went much better than expected. I won all of my pool bouts, even the one against Kristin Howell. I was eighth after pools. My first DE was against a strong fencer. I had a hard time with her and barely won 15-14. After that I fenced Barrette again, but this time she was lunging faster and stronger and I lost. Unfortunately I then fenced again against a Canadian, Lavoie, She beat me. I am going to have to get faster and stronger. Overall it was a great experience and I am training more to keep up the good result for the rest of the season.

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