5 Reasons To Try Fencing

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Fencing is becoming a more and more popular sport, because it appeals to all age groups, no matter what their physical ability and size are. Any age and any size person can succeed at fencing. Even if a person does not have natural sports ability they can still do well at fencing.

Fencing is also appealing because it is great for the brain and the body. Fencing requires the mental ability to match the physical ability. There are so many reasons why fencing is beneficial to all age groups, but take a look at five of those reasons below.

Fencing is Great for the Mind

Fencing requires the person to read their opponent’s next move very quickly, so they can be on the defensive to protect themselves. They have to make these reads and decisions in a matter of seconds. You have to constantly be thinking and predicting what move your opponent might make. This helps a person to react quickly, but to also trust their own instincts and build self-esteem. It also helps the person to sleep better and apply the ability to think on their feet and make quick decisions in their everyday life, whether that is at work or with school work.

Fencing is a Great Sport for Nearly Everyone

Size, age, weight and ability are irrelevant when it comes to taking fencing classes. A person can start at any point in their life and even if they have a disability they can learn to fence.   This teaches the person to make use of their ability, talent and size to their advantage. 

Fencing is a Great Workout 

You are constantly doing lunges, moving back and forth and making fast recoveries. It is great for the heart and lungs. It is also great for building your core strength. The student has to hold the correct form all while being on the defensive and constantly moving, helping build their core and muscle strength.

Fencing Builds Lasting Friendships

Fencing students tend to stick with this sport, thus creating friendships that last for years. Experienced fencing students usually mentor the new students and the fencers meet many times in tournaments and matches over the years.

Fencing is a Fairly Safe Sport

In fencing class, the student is protected by layers of padding and protective gear. There are sensors on the gear that shows where the student has been “hit”. The goal of fencing is to be scored on your “hits”, not to hit the opponent.

Another safety measure is the blades have a blunt point, not a sharp edge. The student also wears a full face mask, to protect the face and eyes. Any injuries in fencing are typically with the muscles, due to not warming up properly, or not stretching, or not using the proper form.

There are so many reasons to pick up fencing classes but the ones listed above are just a few of the ones that we love.

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