Beginner Camps

Fencing Camps for newcomers

Our beginner camps offer a unique opportunity for youth to learn how to fence. We offer week-long camps and daily camps throughout the year. Our camps are unique, athletic, and fun for everyone!

Camp Funtasy

Space City Fencing Academy is one of the nation’s largest and most successful fencing summer clubs. Our Recreational Fencing Summer Camps for beginners are unique, athletic, and fun all summer long! Our indoor program features World Class instructors for kids six years old and up who are interested in the exciting world of swordplay. Fencing is a fast-paced athletic sport that uniquely blends the mind and the body, increasing physical fitness while also developing the ability to solve problems and make sound decisions.
It’s a perfect summer club for kids! Completing one of our Houston fencing camp sessions automatically qualifies you to receive 50% off our youth classes for one month.
*Camp Funtasy is only available in Space City Fencing’s Houston and Pearland Location!

Camp Festivity

Space City Fencing Academy are delighted to announce our beginners winter camp, Camp Festivity! Inspired by the holiday season! This camp is full of fun and joy ! Our camp attendees will enjoy many activities such as warm up fitness games, dodgeball, indoor soccer & fencing .

Spring Break Camp

Space City Fencing Academy would like to invite you to our 2022 Spring Camp coming this March in both of our locations in Houston and Pearland.
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