Ben Parkins & Micheal El-Saleh Compete At World Cadet Cup in Germany…

Results & Medals

Mike takes 66th, Ben Takes 5th!

284 of the best cadet foil fencers in the world, representing over 16 countries, competed recently in the Cadet World Cup in Germany.

In the first round of the grueling two day four pool format, Ben swept pools with 6 victories, Mike was close behind with 4 wins and 2 losses. In the second round of pools Ben and Mike both went 4-2. In the third round Ben again was 4-2 but Mike stepped up his performance with a 3-3 record. Once again both made it into the next round. In the final, fourth pool, Ben was 5-1! Unfortunately, Mike did not make it on to direct elimination round. He missing the cut by just one touch – with a 2-3 record in the fourth round.

In the round of 64, Ben won his the first DE against one of Russia’s best foilists, then beat his next opponent, from Belgium. Ben also won his next bout against a German foilist, then squared off a against one of Frances best cadet foilists – and narrowly lost 15-13.

Luckily, this format included repachages and he was still in it. He fenced another youth from Germany and beat him 15-13. Then trounced another fencer from France 15-9. Now in the round of the 12 Ben beat Davis from England 15-5! Ben’s road to the gold ended in the round of 8 where he lost to a Russian fencer in a nail biter of a bout.

Ben ended up 5th place and Mike end up 66th out of 284! Congratulations!

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