Ammar Aboelkheir

General Manager

Coach Ammar started fencing when he was 9 years old. He enjoyed this unique sport of fencing and ended up developing a passion for it which continued with him throughout the years and helped him become a coach at our academy. Ammar has been at the club since 2012, starting as an assistant coach and making his way up the ladder in different positions (Club Coach, Social Media/Marketing Manager, Program Director). He was able to develop the necessary skills needed to succeed at the club, when he isn’t teaching a class or giving a lesson, Ammar is busy running the club on a daily basis and helping everything run smoothly for our fencers and parents.

As Space City’s General Manager, he is responsible for all club activities, practice plans, social events, customer service, and all things SCFA. Coach Ammar also leads some of our after-school programs that take place outside of our fencing facility. With the experience of being around the club for 10+ years, Ammar cherishes the responsibility of helping SCFA become one of the best fencing clubs in the United States of America.

Favorite Hobby: Video-Making, Streaming on Twitch, Soccer

Favorite Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness