Is Fencing Classes Good For Mental Health?

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Have you ever considered trying a new sport? People have enjoyed fencing for hundreds of years as a physical and mental activity. Fencing classes not only offer a great way to get some exercise, but they also increase your mental health. Here are several reasons fencing classes are great for mental health. 

Why Fencing Is Good For Mental Health

Reduces Stress

Lowering your stress level is one of the top benefits of practicing fencing. Learning these skills can benefit every age level. Adults deal with stress in the workplace, home, and other relationships. Children and teenagers encounter stressful situations at school and with their peers. 

It’s essential to find a healthy way to reduce stress levels for better mental health and wellness. Fencing classes provide a safe space for vigorous exercise that warms the body and gives the mind a great workout too. While you’re focused on the game, your mind isn’t concentrating on other forms of stress.

Increases Mental Awareness

Have you ever played chess or another game that requires logic and strategy? If so, you know that over time it helps increase your mental awareness so you can quickly beat your opponent. While fencing gives the body a chance to workout, it also exercises the brain. Practicing fencing enhances your strategy skills by helping you anticipate your opponent’s next move. Increasing your mental awareness in fencing can improve your mental health in school and the workplace. 

Boosts Immunity

A healthy immune system isn’t just good for your body. When your immune system is healthy, so is your brain. Practicing fencing skills improves circulation and increases oxygen throughout the body. This helps the body remove toxins and helps you think more clearly. 

Improves Cognitive Function

As the body ages and naturally slows down, so does the brain. The good news is there are ways to increase your health and improve cognitive function. Engaging in sports is one of the best ways to improve your brain health because it requires quick moves and decision-making skills.

Studies show that playing open-skill sports like fencing can improve your attention span and increase your brain health. During fencing, you’re constantly thinking about your opponent’s next move so you can plan yours. The more you practice these skills, the more it can improve your memory and attention over time. 

Helps You Practice Coordination

The body isn’t the only area that needs balance and coordination practice. Giving your brain a workout helps improve total body coordination. During fencing classes, your body and brain work together to create smooth, quick movements. 

Fencing requires using your motor skills on and off the mat. Improving your coordination can increase your mental health by improving your awareness. Improved awareness will carry over into other areas of your life.

What Happens In Classes?

In class, students practice fencing skills with a partner in an instructor-led atmosphere. Instructors share quality instruction in an encouraging way to help students learn and master the skills. The instructors carefully observe students so they can focus on their strengths and help improve their weak areas. 

Learning the art of fencing and practicing these skills provides many benefits for your body and your brain. In class, students benefit from improved focus, reduced stress and anxiety, and mental awareness. Students of all ages also learn problem-solving skills that carry over into all areas of life. 

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