Holiday Break Camps in Houston

holiday break fencing camp

Are your kids on school break and bored inside with nothing to do? If you are located in the Houston area, look no further. Space City Fencing Academy offers holiday break camps for your kids of all ages. You can reach out to our office for more information about the ages and classes we have available. 

What Is A Holiday Break Camp? 

For anyone unfamiliar with this term. A holiday break camp is a camp that occurs during a school break. For example, Christmas and Thanksgiving break, or Spring break. Weeks where your children are home from school to hang with friends and be social. But instead, it is usually spent binge-watching television or playing electronics. Not this year! Enroll your child in a holiday break camp and give them something fun to do. 

Pros Of Holiday Break Camps

When enrolling your child in a holiday break camp, there are many benefits. For one, your child will be able to socialize more and make new friends. They can develop problem-solving skills from the tasks given during camp. Another benefit would be exposure to diversity. Generally your child only knows the kids at their own school. While away at camp they are introduced to several new kids from all over the school district! 

Why You Should Take Advantage Of Space City Fencing’s Camp!

Space City Fencing offers holiday break camps in Houston. A camp where all kids of all ages and skill levels come together and learn together. Fencing is a fun and challenging sport that involves swordplay. Witness your child’s mind expand as they learn new skills and techniques with their sword. Develop lasting friendships and if you really like it, attend competitions! 

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Fencing Classes? 

The benefits of taking fencing classes are long term. Over the course of learning the skills and technique of this swordplay combat fighting style, you will experience increased coordination. Greater in strength and endurance and heightened ability to balance. Other benefits include heightened flexibility, increased confidence and self-discipline as well as decreased levels of stress.  

Why Fencing Holiday Break Camps Are Good For Your Kids

Enrolling your child in the Space City Fencing Academy’s Holiday Break Camps can be very beneficial for your child! While your child is on break from school, challenge them to challenge themselves. Place them in an encouraging new environment and watch them become more themselves. 

 Help your child learn self-discipline, increase their confidence and strength as well as make new friends! All benefits are participating in fencing camp during holiday break. Don’t let your child spend their holiday breaks locked up in their room. Give them something that will encourage the growth of their mind and body.

Contact Space City Fencing Academy of Houston Today

If you don’t want your kid to waste another holiday break. Then contact Space City Fencing Academy of Houston, TX today for your free class! Stop letting your child fall into the zombie-like actions of binge-watching television. Enroll them in fencing camp on their holiday break and encourage increased social interaction and newly found self-confidence! 

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