How to Stay in Shape in 2020 – Try Fencing


Don’t let the hind site be your vision for the year 2020. Fencing classes, not only offer a fresh alternative for getting in shape but provide many other health benefits. Here at Space City Fencing, we can help find the right clinic or class for you.

Fitness Benefits of Fencing

There are many muscles used when you are fencing. 

  • Calves- Few other sports involve constant footwork. 
  • Core- The core and stomach muscles are largely responsible for balance, posture, and stability- all of which are vital in fencing. 
  • Quadriceps- Every time a fencer lunges forward, backward or to the side, they work their thighs and quadriceps muscles
  • Shoulders – Common training exercises for fencers also include martial arts movements that also work the shoulders and upper back.
  • Lower Back – fencers need to stay on the balls of their feet when bouncing to brace the lower back. Engaging lower back muscles and tightening them is an essential part of keeping your balance and successfully performing fencing maneuvers.

Fencing Goes Beyond Fitness

This sport is an elegant, prestigious and modern combative sport based on tradition. It’s a challenge both physically and tactically between two opponents. It enhances qualities that reflect success, which are important to young people who look for a challenge to both body and mind. This sport helps to achieve this through an effective blend of patience, determination, discipline, and competitiveness. Importantly to know too, is that It is not just for the able-bodied. 

Enhance Your Mental Health

Mentally it is mind consuming, allowing not a moments break hence the term, physical chess. Benoit Bouysset, the men’s epee coach for the U.S. Olympic team has said, (Epee is one of three fencing styles, with the others being foil and saber.) “It is like physical chess because you’re always thinking several moves ahead. 

You use a lot more energy this way because your brain is also very active.” Whether you’re in a clinic or class, you’ll get a full-body workout that you’ll feel from your feet all the way up to your neck. You’ll also improve your balance, agility, speed, coordination, and timing as you work to score points by touching your opponent.

Fencing develops discipline, balance, coordination, and sportsmanship. It helps youth develop quicker reflexes and the ability to make fast analyses of tactical situations that transfer to problem-solving skills.

Contact us Today For Classes

The New Year is off to a great start and it’s the perfect time for you to get started here at Space City Fencing. We help our students get clear on their goals and go for it. We offer classes in Houston and Pearland, Texas for all ages. 

If you are looking for a fencing school in Houston or Pearland, get in touch with the instructors here at Space City Fencing today. We’ll be happy to instruct you or your child this year. Call us now and we’ll give you the information you need to get started. 

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