Preschool Sports Classes in Houston

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Are you looking for a class to enroll your preschooler in? At Space City Fencing Academy, your preschooler will be thrilled by the engaging activities and the other children their own age. Please reach out to our office to learn more about enrolling your child today.

Getting Your Preschooler Active

Some days it can be a real struggle to get your preschooler to want to do anything and other days it seems they have boundless amounts of energy. The sport of fencing can help you fix both of these issues. It allows your child to have an outlet for their energy, as well as creates an environment that motivates them to participate and become involved. 

Not only will your child be more active, they will also be exposed to other children their own age. This is crucial since children need interaction as they develop and grow. They will be in classes with children their own age, motivated in the same ways that they are, and working towards the same goal. 

Why Choose Fencing?

Fencing is a wonderful way to get exercise and burn off some of that excess energy that your little ones have. With their little heart pounding as they lunge and recover, they will build both lung capacity and endurance.

Fencing is also a great exercise for the mind. Your child will learn to make decisions more quickly, trust their instincts, and build on their mental discipline. Hand-eye coordination is another benefit your child will receive from the sport of fencing. You can enroll your child as young as 3. 

Is Fencing Safe?

Fencing is actually ranked as one of the safest sports. The blades used in the sport are not sharp at all – in fact, most come with a blunted end. Your child will also be wearing gear that will help protect, as well. Wearing a full face mask helps with reducing the risk of injury, as well. 

And while fencing is a type of swordplay, the ultimate goal of the sport is not actually to hit your opponent. Points are rewarded for touching your opponent, but the amount of effort used for this is significantly lighter and safer than some of the other contacts that children may be exposed to in other sports. 

Contact Us About Our Musketeer Classes

If you are interested in enrolling your preschooler in our Musketeer Class, please contact us today and ask about our free trial class. Please be sure that your child wears athletic clothing and shoes for their visit and brings a water bottle. Give your toddler the unique experience of learning to fence today. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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