Regional Youth Circuit Houston, TX Nov 18-19

Results & Medals

Space City Fencing Fencers Won 16 Medals !!!!

Congratulation to our medallists!!!

* Youth 10
Thomas Dudey (Y10 MF, Gold Medal)
Alarice Chen (Y10 WF, Gold Medal)
Alexandria Micek (Y10 WE, Bronze Medal)
Alexandria Micek (Y10 WF, 5th Place)
Jackson Su (Y10 MF, 8th Place)

* Youth 12
Thomas Dudey (Y12 MF, Gold Medal)
Anna Van Brummen (Y12 WE, Gold Medal)
Mexi Gremillion (Y12 WE, Bronze Medal)
Chris Ahn (Y12 MS, Bronze)
Lewis Weiss (Y12 ME, 5th Place)
Davis Stubblefield (Y12 MF, 8th Place)

* Youth 14
Michael Dudey (Y14 MF, Gold Medal)
Sarah Followill (Y14 WF, Gold Medal)
Chris Ahn (Y14 MS, Bronze Medal)
Denes Marton (Y14 MF, 6th)
Mexi Gremillion (Y14 WE, 6th)

This past weekend Houston was the site of the season kick-off for the United States Fencing Association’s Southwest Regional Youth Circuit. This highly competitive series features contests (referred to as bouts) between children aged 10 to14. They are grouped by weapon, age, and in some cases gender. Weapons consist of the traditional Olympic-style fencing swords of saber, epee, and foil, though often scaled down in size for the youngest competitors. The event drew children from as far away as Arizona.

Local fencers from the Space City Fencing Academy followed the guidance of Space City Fencing Coaches Noura Younis and Dan Gorman led them to numerous bronze, silver and gold medal finishes.

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