Space City Fencing RYC Results: 11 Medals!

Results & Medals

2006 RYC Results!

A few weeks ago Space City Fencing hosted the last Regional Youth Circuit Event of the the year. Our fencers distinguished themselves in all events and while many won medals, many more competed admirably! We’d also like to thank all the parents and older fencers whose hard work made the event run smoothly!

Space City Fencing RYC Results:
11 Medals!

Y12 Mixed Epee
3rd of 23 Brooks de Vita, Joseph
8th of 23 Van Brummen, Anna SM

Y14 Mixed Epee
2nd of 24 Micek, Gregory
3rd of 24 Gremillion, Patrick S

Y10 Mixed Foil
1st of 39 Dudey, Thomas
6th of 39 Schulte-Ladbeck, Wolfgang
7th of 39 Charafeddine, Chafic

Y12 Mixed Foil
1st of 40 Dudey, Michael
2nd of 40 Dudey, Thomas

Y14 Mixed Foil
2nd of 29 Dudey, Michael

Y12 Mixed Saber
3rd of 25 Ahn, Chris
6th of 25 Garcia, Bryan

Y14 Mixed Saber
1st of 23 Overton, Travis

Final Regional Youth Circuit Results 2006:

Y10 Men’s Foil
3rd Dudey, Thomas SM
5th Schulte-Ladebck, Wolfgang SM
6th Charafeddine, Chafic SM
8th Somera, Logan SM

Y12 Men’s Foil
3rd Dudey, Michael SM
3rd Dudey, Thomas SM

Y12 Women’s Foil
3rd Gaeeni, Maral SM
3rd Goodwin-Ferris, Clara SM
8th Followill, Sarah SM

Y14 Men’s Foil
3rd Dudey, Michael SM

Y14 Women’s Foil
8th Followill, Sarah SM

Y12 Men’s Saber
3rd Ahn, Chris SM
6th Garcia, Bryan SM

Y12 Women’s Saber
1st Largman, Raissa SM

Y10 Men’s Epee
5th Charafeddine, Marwan SM

Y12 Men’s Epee
2nd Hudson, Jack SM
5th Brooks de Vita, Josep SM

Y12 Women’s Epee
5th Van Brummen, Anna
7th Gremillion, Alexis (Mexi)

Y14 Men’s Epee
2nd Hudson, Jack SM
5th Micek, Gregory SM
8th Gremillion, Patrick S SM

Y14 Women’s Epee
8th Donnenberg, Elizabeth SM

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