Space City Fencing WINS 25 MEDALS at 2004 Summer Championships

Results & Medals

Space City Fencing’s coaches and students proudly returned back from the 2004 Summer National Championships in Charlotte, North Carolina with a record breaking 25 medals – including 5 Championship Gold Medals and 5 Coaching Medals!

It was are best showing at a national tournament yet. Summer nationals is a great time for fencers to compete and have a good time after a hard year of competition. To the right you see several of Space City Fencing’s happy fencers taking a well deserved break in between events. The little boy in the middle is Moe, Mauro’s energetic little son.

The tournament was a tremendous victory for the salle. Mario Rodriguez, the salle’s longtime wheelchair fencer member, won not only the saber event but also the foil event. Also striking gold was Ben Parkins in foil, and Greg Micek, who really made a break through and winning his first national event. Finally little Lizzy McDermott won the Div II championships beating out dozens of sometimes older or more experienced fencers in , a huge event with over 169 competitors.

Division II Men’s Foil
8th Place: El-Saleh, Michael

Division II Women’s Épée
Silver medal: Brandfeild-Harvey, Neely

Division II Women’s Foil CHAMPION! (169 Competitors)
Gold medal McDermott, Catherine

Division III Men’s Foil
Silver Medal: El-Saleh, Michael

Division III Women’s Foil
Silver Medal: McDermott, Elizabeth

Under-16 Men’s Épée
6th Place: Krudy, Zoltan A

Under-16 Men’s Foil
6th Place: Parkins, Benjamin B

Under-16 Women’s Épée (82 Competitors)
Bronze medal: T Brandfield-Harvey, Neely

Under-19 Men’s Foil
Bronze medal . T Galligan, Michael J

Veteran 50/59 Men’s Épée
8th Place: Henzler, Thomas A

Veteran 60 and over Men’s Saber
7th Place: McDermott MD, John P

Wheelchair Men’s Épée
Silver medal: Rodriguez, Mario

Wheelchair Men’s Foil
Gold medal: Rodriguez, Mario

Wheelchair Men’s Saber
Gold Medal: Rodriguez, Mario

Youth-10 Men’s Épée (22 Competitors)
7th: Tyler, Alexander

Youth-10 Men’s Foil (72 Competitors)
5th Place: Dudey, Michael L

Youth-12 Men’s Épée
Gold Medal: Micek, Gregory J

Youth-14 Men’s Foil
Gold Medal: Parkins, Benjamin B
7th Place: El-Saleh, Michael

Youth-14 Women’s Épée
Silver Medal: Brandfield-Harvey, Neely

Youth-14 Women’s Foil (119 Competitors)
Silver Medal: McDermott, Catherine

Men’s Foil Team
Silver Medal for Colin Sutter,Richard Spicer, Benjamin Parkins, and Michael El- Saleh

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