Space City Fencing’s Fencers just came back from Columbus, Ohio NAC

Results & Medals

Junior Men’s Foil event had 200 of the nations finest foilists. All four of Space City Fencing’s fencers placed well, but Sutter surpassed everyone by taking 5th place.

5. Sutter, Colin
20. Parkins, Benjamin B
65. Nichols, Benjamin
110. El-Saleh Michael

Almost as large a field was the Junior Men’s Epee event which had 153 fencers. Greg Micek end up 128 after Missing the DE by three spots. Greg had strong pool and he dropped 4 bouts 4/5.

At the Junior Women’s Foil Elizabeth Rhodes Won two bouts in her pool before losing her first DE 13-15 and she end up 75, at the Div 1 Elizabeth end up 86 in the field.

At the Women’s epee event our young Elizabeth Donnenberg at Div I she fenced well in the pool and she made it to the DE for the first time, and at the Junior event she won two bouts .Unfortunately she lost her first DE due to a bad call .

Div I Men’s foil in a field of 203 fencers our three fencers fenced very well .

15. Parkins, Benjamin B
46. Sutter, Colin
75. El-Saleh Michael

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