Should Kids Learn Fencing?

Should Kids Learn Fencing?

Are you on the fence about enrolling your child in fencing classes? Are you worried it is too dangerous or not a good fit? Don’t be. Space City Fencing Academy has classes that are available for all ages. It is a wonderful sport for kids and adults to get involved with. Throughout this article, we will talk about some of the many reasons kids can benefit from this sport. 

Teaches Goal Setting

Fencing is not a sport that you walk into and learn in the first couple lessons. There is a lot of technique and skill that goes into mastering the art. As the fencer learns and perfects their skills, they will have goals that they set for themselves along the way. 

This stitches kids how to set a goal for themselves and work towards it. When you master a goal that you have set for yourself, it shows you how hard work pays off. This is a learned skill that can roll over into many other aspects of their life. 

Teaches Self-Defense

It is never too early to teach kids good self-defense mechanisms. In fencing classes, kids will learn the basics of self-defense and the moves to use when you are threatened by another person. No, you will not have your weapon in hand most of the time when this happens, but the movies that you use can help you. 

Helps Kids With Social Difficulties 

There are many kids who suffer with anxiety, ADHD, or are on the spectrum that struggle with organized sports. There is too many people and too much going on all at the same time. Fencing is a little different and can oftentimes be a better suit for these kids. 

This sport has a way of forcing you to use your brain, body, and energy to perform the moves. This is great for kids with ADHD, because they do not have to sit still to learn. They can be in motion while learning. 

Teaches Healthy Habits

In this day and age, technology is taking over our children. Video games, YouTube, google, cell phones, and TV are all readily available to kids these days. There are many kids that don’t do much outside of using an electronic. 

By enrolling your kids in a sport, like fencing, it can get them off of the screens and get them using their body to move. There is a lot of movement and physical activity, giving them a chance to burn off some energy. To perform many of the moves and perfect the art of fencing, you need to be in relatively good physical condition. 

Helps To Relieve Stress and Frustration

Adults are not the only ones who deal with stress, anxiety, and frustration. Kids deal with a great deal of it themselves. It can build up and cause you to feel very overwhelmed and defeated. Fencing can give kids a place to let loose and relieve all the built up emotions. 

This is something that they may not even realize that they are doing. Mindlessly they will be improving their mental health. It is can be hard for kids to realize why they are feeling these strange emotions when they have a lot on their shoulders. As the parent, you can see it. Allowing your kids to take part in this sport can help them to let go and relax. 

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