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Spring Break Camps in Pearland

Summer is right around the corner, have you decided where or how your kids will spend the summer? If you are looking for a fun way to keep your kids moving and busy all summer long Space City Fencing Academy has summer camp locations in Pearland, Texas. We offer structure with loads of fun and fencing that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Camp Funtasy

Camp Funtasy is a great start for beginning fencers and lasts throughout the entire summer Monday through Friday. Campers ages six and up will learn basic fundamentals while building athleticism and discipline. 

We use world-class instructors to teach your children no matter their skill level. The program is indoors so the Houston summer heat will never be an issue and we are up and running rain or shine.

Camp Intensity 

Camp Intensity runs from June 13th through June 17th and requires a deposit when signing up. This intensive camp is geared toward intermediate and advanced fencers. One week of camp is equivalent to one month of our regularly scheduled training. This camp is rigorous but extremely fun.

Kids will be challenged and leave with much-improved fencing skills to boost their confidence and performance throughout the year. Campers will also have the chance to meet special guests from all over the world and undergo training with fencers from Italy, France, Japan, Chile, Egypt, and Canada.

Camp Victory

Camp Victory is open for everyone no matter your skill level, the goal in Camp Victory is to grow your love and pique your interest level in fencing. You will learn more about the sport of fencing from top-notch coaches and instructors from all over the world and locally. 

This camp runs from June 20th through the 24th so you could essentially attend Camp Intensity and then move right into Camp Victory if you wanted. It is an all-day camp starting at 9 AM and lasting until 3 PM. We know your kids will enjoy this camp and feed their interest in fencing.

Camp Energy 

Camp Energy’s main focus is to build stamina and condition the body for the regular season. Long breaks are not good for the body especially if you are serious about your practice or are competing. Your child will get a week of conditioning, tactical drills, and extensive bouting to prepare them for the second half of the season.

Camp Energy runs from August 12th to August 16th from 9 AM to 3 PM and requires a deposit to register. Upon completion of the camp, every student will receive a prize for finishing out the entire week. The value in this particular camp is immeasurable and will help to keep the students in top physical condition.

Camp Power

Camp Power is essentially Camp Energy but held in the winter. If your fencers’ physical fitness is improved after Camp Energy then sign up for Camp Power to keep them progressing. 

We will focus on conditioning, extensive bouting, and tactical drills. Attending these intensives are important for fencers’ wanting to step up their game and take fencing to the next level.

Spring Break Camp

We hold a spring break camp every year that includes fencing, ceramics, fashion, art, and robotics. Plan ahead for this fun and unique camp that will keep your kids busy and learning new things. Campers can choose between half or full-day programs.

Call To Register 

Attending one of our summer camp locations in Pearland, Texas allows you to save during the regular school sessions. Space City Fencing Academy is thrilled to pass down a love for fencing in our community. Call today to register for one of our awesome summer camps.

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