Why Your Teen Should Take Fencing Classes in Houston TX

Why Your Teen Should Take Fencing Classes in Houston TX

Our Teen Fencing Classes are designed for beginners who are looking to strengthen their bodies and challenge their minds all while exercising. Fencing will improve hand-eye coordination as well as decision making skills. Fencing classes also look great on a college resume and serve as a form of physical education classes.  

What is Fencing?

Teenagers are familiar with swashbuckling from childhood play and movies they watched when they were younger. Pretending to be pirates or Jedi knights lays a great foundation for this Olympic sport. However fencing is not only an Olympic Sport, it is also a great workout that can help your teenager get or stay fit.

Fencing is a tradition that dates back to historical times of countrymen and royal kingdoms. Points are scored by using your foil, epee, or saber to strike your opponent. Coordinated footwork helps to move back and forth on an area called a piste. Fencers wear safety equipment such as facemasks, gloves, and protective jackets.

Why Your Teenager Can Benefit From Fencing

Agility, aggressiveness, strategy, and strength are essential skills that are further developed in fencing.  Your teenager will not only get physical exercise, but their mind will get exercise as well.  Additionally, improved agility, balance, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance  are all benefits of practicing fencing.  

Fencing is a sport that will give your teenager a full body workout. The arms, thighs, hips, and glutes are key muscle groups challenged in fencing exercises. Improved mental agility is also an added benefit learned in training. Teenagers can benefit greatly from learning how to strategies and make good decisions. As a teenager their brains are still growing and developing which is why they often lack good decision-making skills and understanding consequences. By learning how to fence they will grow their mental capabilities as one would do in the game of chess. Just as in chess, fencing requires you to use combinations of tactics and strategies with every movement you make.

Health Benefits

Fencing requires the body to move through explosive high energy aerobic exercises. These movements support your heart and reduce stress levels. Your body will increase the oxygen in your blood and release endorphins that lead to a positive feeling of health. As you push your physical limits harder for longer periods, you increase your body’s overall fitness. 

Fencing improves focus, problem solving skills, and engages you socially. While you focus all of your energy on your opponent, you forget about stress and concentrate on your movements against your opponent. It may also become an opportunity to make friends with others and build your teenagers social health.  

Fencing Class

Classes will educate students on protective gear and overall safety. There are also warm ups and stretching exercises that help you avoid fencing related injuries.  Warm-ups are fun and improve conditioning and flexibility. After warm-ups you will go through a variety of movements designed to develop basic fencing skills such as “thrust”, “parry”, and “riposte”.  Next, you will rotate through a series of partners to practice and develop your skills. Each person in the class varies in their skill level and strength. Sparing with different partners allows you to grow and develop your own skills through tactical experience. Students will also work with “Foil Coaches” who will lead them in instruction on how to become a champion fencer.   

En Garde! Join Us Today

Here at Space City Fencing Academy, we serve the greater Houston area. Please come to any of our locations for a one-time free tryout session. We also offer summer camps where we help build connections and make fencing fun! Contact us to make your reservation. 


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