Why You Should Sign Your Toddler Up For Fencing Classes in Houston TX

fencing class for toddlers

Fencing classes, not something you typically think about when it comes to something fun for your three-year-old to be involved in. Here at Space City Fencing Academy, we offer our Musketeer Class for toddlers ages 3-5 to get them active and engaged with the art of fencing. We also offer fencing classes for older children and adults if you are interested in learning with your toddler.

Our Musketeer Class

We offer the musketeer class for our toddlers. You can expect your child to burn off some extra energy while learning the art of fencing in a controlled environment. We ask that all toddlers come to class dressed in athletic attire, tennis shoes, a water bottle, and ready to have a good time. We know they will have a great time learning about a safe sport that teaches them eye-hand coordination, discipline, and quick decision-making. 

We offer musketeer classes at our Houston and Pearland locations. Simply call us to see what place and class will fit you and your child best.

What is Fencing?

Fencing is an art that involves fighting with blades, but it is nothing like those choreographed scenes you see in the movies. It is an intricate and strategic game of cat and mouse played on a six by 40-foot strip, and the movements are quick and scored electronically. 

When you think of fencing, you most often think of the foil or the weapon. This is is a point thrusting weapon that is used to touch your opponent and score a point. It weighs less than a pound and has a flexible blade.

Fencers typically specialize and train with one weapon and perfect their skills with the proper training and coach. Our toddler classes typically use foam swords to start off to keep everyone safe. 

Kids and Fencing

Kids are busy and have tons of energy; this is one reason why fencing is a good outlet for them. Fencing is also a great mind and body workout. It keeps kids busy and on their toes at all times. Some other benefits of fencing include increasing mental focus, being great for all kids, and teaching life lessons.

Fencing is an individualized sport, so it is great for kids who like to complete alone and want to control. It requires a lot of mental focus that most kids do not even realize. You have to plan your next move and watch your opponent closely. It sharpens your ability to focus in the classroom also as you engage more in the sport. Fencing also helps with eye-hand coordination balance and quick reflexes, all of which kids need as they grow.

Fencing is excellent for all kids, even those that struggle with sports. Because fencing is so unique, we love to teach it to all ages, including those toddlers that are bouncing off the walls. The sport teaches everyone how to control their body and is excellent for kids who suffer from ADHD and learning disabilities. 

Lastly, fencing can teach kids of all ages essential life lessons. It teaches kids to work hard to succeed, how to fall and get back up, and to push themselves.

For More Information On Classes

If you want more information on the toddler, kid, and even adult classes we offer, please give us a call. Our mission is to promote and train fencers in the Houston area and focus on individual strengths and weaknesses to help you succeed in fencing and life. We offer fencing classes in Houston and Pearland to fit your needs. Call us today to see what we are about. 

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