The Wang Memorial Tournament and RYC.

Results & Medals

The Wang Memorial Tournament

Another weekend,another tournament, this weekend Dallas held host to the Wang Memorial Regional Tournament. Asanticipated Space City Fencing sent a large contingent of young fencers to test their skills against the best in Texas. Salle Mauro fencers competing across all three weapons (foil, epee & Sabre) had another successful weekend taking home a large medal haul. Performances of note came again in the women’s foil with Katina Proestakis clinching her second Y12 gold in consecutive competitions.  Jack Holmes put 

on a fencing lesson for all in hard work, taking the Div1 A gold. A special recognition should go to the Holmes brothers for taking home an impressive 4medals from the weekend, including two well-deserved gold’s.  Congratulations goes to all the Space City Fencing medalists and fencers who took part. Results: Y12 Men’s Foil:  Leo Holmes 1st,Alex Euscher 3rd. Y12 Women’s Foil: Katina Proestakis1st, Tarlton Hunt 7th. Y12Women’s 

Sabre: Janna Aboudaher

3rd. Y14 Men’s Epee: Jose Cortez 8th. Y14Men’s Foil: Mohammad Hamza 1st, Leo Holmes 2nd, Vincent Zhang 5th, Jose Cortez 8th. Y14 Women’s Sabre: Janna Aboudaher 13tt. Y12 Women’s Sabre: Janna Aboudaher 3rdtt.   DIV 1A Men’s Foil: Jack Holmes 1st, Mohammad Hamza 2nd, Albert T Chang 3rd. C & UnderMen’s Foil: Albert Chang 2nd, Jack Holmes 3rd, Vincent Zhang 15th. DIV 1A Men’s Sabre: Evin Heintz 3rd. C & Under Men’s Sabre:Evin Heintz 3rd

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