To those who traveled or otherwise took time this summer, welcome back.  Take a look at our new style out front and in the office and let us know what you think.  Thanks to the Holmes, especially Willard for all the hard work in making us look good.

It is the start of the 2011-2012 season and the national calendar has been set. has the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) calendar here, the Regional Open Circuit (ROC) calendar here, and the North American Cup (NAC) calendar here.  We have a list of tournaments entered into the event calendar of this website and will be adding more following the Gulf Coast Division tournament meeting this Sunday.

The goal of the coaches is to have more of our fencers traveling this season.  The experience is invaluable to your development as a fencer on strip and as an individual.  Please sign-up for the Badawi Challenge SYC as soon as possible.  Let’s show up in Plano in force and show everyone what Space City Fencing is all about.

Additionally, there are a number of fencers who are fencing with equipment that doesn’t work right.  We have an armorer who can make repairs here Monday-Wednesdays, and most Fridays.  We also sell equipment here at the club.  This is frustrating to your opponents and takes away from your training time.  Please talk to us about replacing or repairing old, broken, or unsafe equipment.  Thank you.

On a different note, we have hundreds of pictures up on our Facebook page.  Check them out and tag away — lets get everyone labeled.  Like us on Facebook to get quick updates on goings on in the club.

Finally, congratulations once more to all our fencers who competed in Reno this summer.  We did a great job of staying and cheering for our teammates which helps immensely when tired in the later rounds of a tournament.  We also brought home 2 national championships and 3 gold medals, the most of any Texas club.  Let’s build on these results and see how many this season can bring us.


Space City Fencing

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