Why Should Adults Take Fencing Classes?


As adults, sometimes it can be hard to try new things. However, it can be so much fun! Getting exercise is very important for your physical and mental health. One way to do that is with fencing classes. You will learn new skills all while getting a good sweat sesh. 

A Great Workout

When joining a fencing class, you will enjoy many benefits. Learning skills while getting fit and having fun is the best way to do it! You don’t have to just use weights or run to get a good workout. Giving something new as an adult doesn’t have to be scary. 

You are going to get a great workout, one you have probably never gotten before. Every part of your body is going to be sore the next day. That’s a good thing! You will sweat like never before, improve your speed, eye coordination, strength, and mobility. There are weapons involved, but don’t worry, it’s still safe. There are trained instructors and they know how to make it the safest environment for everyone involved. 

Adults Taking Fencing

So really anyone can take fencing classes at any age. The great thing about this sport is it is very unique compared to any others. Most sports have age groups, here you do not. You can be 70 years old and fight a 10 year old. Age and size really aren’t a factor when it comes to this sport. 

Each individual is called a fencer. You will learn speed, focus, lateral moves and precision. These will determine your success. If you are an adult that is willing to work hard and has determination, you will do great in a fencing class. Don’t let your age determine what you try and succeed at. 

Skills You Will Learn

Have you ever heard of the nickname  “physical chess”? It is because it’s like you are playing the game itself. You will gain so much skill in focus, just from classes. This is because you need to think ahead of your partner and need to know their next move before they do. 

If you are going to participate in fencing classes, you need quick thinking and heavy concentration. Being able to keep yourself calm and focused while your adrenaline is rushing is very important in these situations. As an adult, you can use these skills in everyday stressful situations as well. 

About Our Facility

Here at Space City Fencing, we split our classes up between competitive and recreational. If you are interested in pursuing this sport as a relaxing method, we will fully support you. We want it to be a fun outlet for you. You will be happy to know that we aren’t just a school here, we are a family. No matter the reason you are taking fencing classes, we want to see you succeed. 

Looking to be more competitive and have dreams of Olympic medals or national titles? We have coaches that will help you achieve those goals. They know how to develop and inspire you to work like you need to start winning titles. We focus on the quality of our fencers and work on their individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Call To Schedule Today

When you are ready to come join one of our classes, the team will be ready to help you get started. Space City Fencing Academy in Houston would love to have you. We are ready to help you work hard and get the benefits of an amazing fencing class. Our coaches want to talk with you and help you set your goals and see you achieve them. Call now. 


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