Why You Should Sign Your Kids Up For Fencing Camp in Houston, TX

Why You Should Sign Your Kids Up For Fencing Camp in Houston, TX

Are there children in your home? We have fencing camps for them! Beginning at 3 years old, all ages and skill levels are welcome. Unsure? We have three ways to try out this exciting sport before signing up for camp, including the one-time free tryout fencing class. 

Why Sign Them Up? Fencing Camp is Fun for Kids!

We have three camps for beginners. Spring Break Camp takes place during typical Spring Break with  fun packed fencing classes. Camp Festivity celebrates the winter holiday season with activities ranging from fitness games to soccer and fencing. Camp Funtasy occupies children from age six and up during summer months with a focus on physical fitness and problem solving skills. 

A bonus – the kids’ enjoyment is easy on the parents’ wallets. A coupon worth 50% off youth fencing classes is awarded to those who complete a camp session. For even more fun beyond camp, we even have Fencing Birthday Parties!

Kids Learn While Having Fun!

Competitive Camps range from intermediate to advanced levels. Our four competitive camps, which teach skill along with mental discipline are:

Camp Intensity – For Intermediate to Advanced, concentration on physical and mental skills, intensive training with guest trainers from around the world


Camp Victory – For all levels, concentration on motivation to acquire maximum    performance


Camp Energy – Annual pre-season camp, concentration on conditioning


Camp Power – Winter camp, extensive work on technical and tactical drills and practice, and concentration on bouting

Integral to these camps is self-discipline and problem solving skills. While the skills are learned, so is the proper method of practicing those skills. Trainers from Japan, Egypt and other countries worldwide help to bring excellence in the teaching of our fencing camps

Space City Camp – At Space City Fencing – Because We Are the Best!

Because our academy is one of the best in the United States, our camps are also among the best. Space City Fencing has the #1 foil program in Texas. In addition to foil, Saber and Epee programs are part of our curriculum. Our impressive list of instructors includes guest teachers from Chile, Canada and other countries.

Students from Space City Academy have reached National and International levels. They have won Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals. This is a proud achievement of our 20 year history of molding the best fencers.

And Especially Why?? You Can Make It A Family Affair!

Our wonderful camps bring children into the world of fencing, but our academy is family friendly. Who better to practice the sport with than family? Our fencing classes will fit the needs of family members of all ages and skill levels. 

Adults who once loved the sport but have become rusty, can find a new spot with Space Academy to hone those bygone skills. Those who have never learned the sport can become proficient, keeping pace with the kids at camp. You don’t want to let the youngsters have a leg up on mom and dad! And it’s a sport to improve hand-eye coordination even as people age. 


Ready to Give Your Child a Try at Fencing?

Our camps are top notch. We pay attention to the individual needs of each child while giving them the benefits of learning in a structured class of peers. We are located in Houston, Texas at 4007 EE Bellaire Blvd, zip code 77205, and may be reached at 832-778-8745. Check out our website and sign up for our newsletter. Contact us to sign your child up for a Space City Fencing Camp.


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