Why We Love Fencing


There are so many reasons to love fencing! Here at Space City Fencing, we are happy to help students in Houston and Pearland, TX fall in love with the sport as we have. 

Here are some of the reasons we are passionate about the sport:

1. It’s a Great Confidence Booster

Fencing is a great confidence booster. You develop the boldness and self-confidence to defend yourself and not shy away. Students have to stand up straight and tall, and that instant change in demeanor going from a slouch to a proud stance is palpable. People from all walks of life, sharing the uncommon interest in fencing make bonds form quickly. It is a sport with great emphasis on integrity and sportsmanship often being referred to as a game of physical chess.

Many people like to compete in this sport to feel that they’ve accomplished something as an individual (as opposed to winning by being part of a team). One can take pleasure in the equality fencing provides as a skill is more important than physical attributes typically required by other sports. 

2. Fencing is a Great Aerobic Exercise

This sport requires continuous movement that involves the larger muscles in your body; your hips, legs, abdomen, and arms. Fencing requires nearly constant lower body motion coinciding with defensive and offensive upper body moves often looking, and at times feeling something like a cross between boxing and dancing. 

Fencing has many beneficial aerobic exercise factors: 

  • Burns calories 
  • Helps participants lose weight and/or maintain their ideal weight
  • Tones muscles
  • Adds muscular definition

An hour of active fencing has the potential to burn over 400 calories and a competitive nine-minute bout can use up as much energy as a 1.5km run. The main muscles which are most engaged are the; buttocks, stomach, and thighs. Fencing is also a positive controlled outlet for relieving stress, which lowers blood pressure.

Fencing is a great way to incorporate exercise into your life. It is a physically demanding sport that gives you great endurance, flexibility, and more. You can improve your agility and speed when you work on these disciplines. 

3. Anyone Can Be a Successful Fencer

Fencing is a modern Olympic sport that has grown from its historical genesis largely mistaken for the Zorro style sword fights of yesteryear. Success can be achieved regardless of body type, mentality, or temperament. It not only gets you off the couch and is physically taxing, but forces you to dig deep for new modes of strategic thinking. 

Learning how to correctly assess what an opponent is doing and to adapt accordingly, are confidence-building skills that will last a lifetime. Females who aren’t usually raised to think and act physically aggressive, once they’re able to get over that hurdle, they discover a new level of confidence. 

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