Why You Kids Should Try Fencing This Summer?

summer fencing for kids

Are your kids on summer break? Do you need something for them to do to stay entertained and active this summer? A great activity for them to try is fencing. They can learn valuable skills to help protect themselves and have a great time. Space City Fencing is a great school where your kids will have a blast learning how to fence this summer. This article will go over some of the many reasons why your kids should try fencing this summer. 

Develop Good Hand-Eye Coordination

There are a lot of fast-moving objects when you are fencing. Not only by the weapon used, an epee, sabre, or foil, but you also learn positions and stances for the feet, hands, and arms. All the moves combined leave you needing to have some quick reflexes. You’ll have to comprehend what is happening in front of you and make the right next move to avoid getting touched with the weapon. 

This may sound like a lot to keep up with, but through precise training, it will quickly seem like a simple task to do. These skills can also pour out into different areas of your kid’s life. The lessons you learn on the fencing mat are not left there, and they are ones that you will see play out in many different areas of kids’ lives. 

Learn Self-Discipline

Discipline is something that is not always fun for a child to learn. It isn’t a part of life that anyone likes, even adults. But, it is something that everyone needs to learn along the way. One of the hardest things to accept and understand is self-discipline. 

To succeed and progress in fencing, practice is needed, sometimes a lot. This will require self-discipline for kids to encourage themselves to do this outside of the training facility. Learning this can help you with self-discipline in many other areas of your child’s life. 

Gain Confidence

Some years are more challenging than others for kids regarding their confidence levels. It seems the first few years of school ages are pretty good, but then some struggle with a lack of confidence. One way to help them regain it is through a sport like fencing. 

Fencing is available for kids of all ages and adults too. As they progress through the stages of our classes, they will see the skills they’re capable of. This will help to boost their confidence and help them stand a little taller. 

Improve Focus and Attention Spans

When it comes to keeping a child engaged and interested, it can be a challenge. If they loose interest or are bored with what you are talking about, they will wander into their brains. This causes daydreaming and staring off into space. 

When they learn the skills we can help them with within fencing, you can help prolong their attention spans. Many parents have even seen improvements in their ability to focus better in school and at home. This is a great skill to help your child with and to provide them with the chance to improve this skill. 

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