2004 Atlanta Div II and Youth NAC

Results & Medals

Space City Fencing fencers are back from trouncing the competition at the recent Division 2/Youth North American Cup event in Atlanta, Georgia – and have brought 6 medals back to prove it!

It was a happy reunion for Lizzy and Cathy McDermott and the rest of the team. The fencing twins went to boarding school earlier this year, but if you think they got rusty – just check out their results!

Neely Brandfeild and Elizabeth Donnenberg are the spearheads of Salle’s the talented women’s epee team. They not only placed strongly in their age group (Youth 14) but also in the more challenging Cadet age group above them.

Many other fencers from the Salle competed at this tournament, but here are the following medallists:

Cadet Men’s Foil (144 Competitors)
7th Parkins, Benjamin B

Cadet Women’s Épée (81 Competitors)
8th Brandfeild-Harvey, Neely

Cadet Women’s Foil (112 Competitors)
7th McDermott, Catherine

Division II Men’s Foil (178 Competitors)
5th El-Saleh, W.M. Michael

Youth-14 Women’s Épée (31 Competitors)
3rd Brandfeild-Harvey, Neely
7st Donnenberg, Elizabeth

The young Michael El’Saleh fenced with the big boys in the adult Division II event and narrowly missing the gold in a close bout. Michael is not only a great fencer but also a dependable director, his good nature and easy smile, are well known in the section.

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