Fencing Lessons in Houston For Classes For All Ages

Are you searching for fencing classes near me? Space City Fencing Academy strives to offer exceptional Houston fencing classes for kids and adults of all ages and skill levels. Come discover the fun and excitement of learning the art of swordplay. We are one of the Nation’s most successful fencing academies located at various locations in and around Houston, Texas.

Musketeer Class for Toddlers

AGES 3-5

Looking for a fun way to get your child healthy and fit? Beginner fencing classes is the way to go.
Fencing is a sport for kids which provides children a dynamic and creative outlet for their energy. At our Houston fencing classes, we will provide your child with an indoor facility filled with awesome activities and exercises. Your kids will be able to experience the unique sport of Fencing is an exciting and safe sport that teaches quick decision making, hand-eye coordination, and mental discipline.

Cavalier Class for Youth

AGES 6-12

Looking for an exciting new physical activity for your child?
Now, they can participate in a sport for kids that develops athleticism, critical thinking, sportsmanship and competitiveness. Our Houston fencing classes provide children a dynamic and creative outlet for their energies. Its intensity and fast pace will keep them coming back for more.

Teen Classes

AGES 13-17

Our Teen Class is designed for beginners who want to tone their body, sharpen their mind, and have fun while exercising. Fencing is a sport for kids and adults designed to develop and improve your hand-eye coordination and decision-making.
Fencing is one of the best sports to develop your college resume.
*This Class can be used for P.E. Credit

fencing class

Adult Classes

AGES 18+

This Houston fencing class is designed for those who used to fence and want to reintroduce themselves to the sport, those who’ve always dreamt of learning to fight with a sword like the duelists of a by-gone age, and those looking for a fun way to get a great workout. All adults are welcome to our adult classes to learn, re-learn, or just hone their skills. Fencing is a sport for adults designed to develop and improve your hand-eye coordination and decision-making.

Advanced Team Classes


These Houston fencing classes are designed for fencers who are interested in continuing to learn more about the sport of fencing.
Fencers in this program should supply their own equipment and attend class with a full fencing outfit and two working weapons and body cords. Equipment is available through our store. For fencers that are not dedicated to the sport yet, they are welcomed to borrow the club equipment that is provided in the facility until they decide to commit.

Stop looking for a fencing academy near me today! We have a class for everyone. Contact us for more information about enrolling.

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