Fencing Birthday Parties

    Birthday Parties Near Pearland TX


$300 for 20 people
$400 for 21-30 people
$500 for 31-40 people

Are you looking for a fun, new idea for your child’s Birthday party?
Our program will capture everyone’s imagination and attention with fencing games and dueling. Invite up to 20 friends or more for two hours of swashbuckling fun at our fencing birthday party!

Age: 4 and Up

Party Duration: 2 hours

Fencing Birthday Party Includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Fencing Games
  • Fencing Sparring

Birthday Party Details:

  • 30 minutes for warming up, stretching exercises, and fencing footwork
  • 30 minutes for fencing and fencing games
  • 60 minutes for cake time

Parent Provides:

  • Desserts, beverages, and party decorations
  • Video or photography equipment

Fencing Academy Provides:

  • Music, tables and chairs: We are happy to accommodate special music or theme requests

*Reminders: we require a headcount confirmation at least one week prior to the party