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Our Mission

We are proud to be the #1 foil fencing club in all of Texas! With our highly rated facilities and world class coaching staff, we pride ourselves on not only creating future fencing champions, but also teaching our beautiful sport to new fencers everyday at the highest level.

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Meet Our Crew

Ammar Aboelkheir

General Manager

Ahmed Rosowsky

Head Coach

Bassel ElNaggar

Foil Coach

Luis Nuñez

Foil Coach

Farah Aal Maroof

Assistant Manager

Mohamed Hamza

egypt nat'l team
2-time olympian

Meet Our Champions and Olympians


Katina Proestakis

Chile Nat'l Team

I signed my daughter up for just four classes after seeing a Groupon offer. By the end of the third class she said, “I need to come back here!” It has been five years now. It is her second home. It is her happy place. Outside of becoming a competitive fencer, Space City Fencing has taught my daughter discipline and time management. Our family has formed friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime. BEST – CLUB – EVER!!!

MeeMee Lee

Signing up my daughter to fence at Space City Fencing when she was four years old is the best decision we made! The path that she has been taking during the last ten years is glorious in her personal growth physically and mentally. The friendships she has developed along the way are priceless and long lasting!

Jiwen He

WHAT A FIND!!! Space City Fencing being one of the best fencing clubs in the country with national and international champions and recognized coaches is more than enough to earn my five star rating. BUT, this more than just a club, it has become a second home, a second family to my daughter.

Robert Bradford

This fencing academy has been an absolutely wonderful experience for us. We started with this group when my daughter was 5 years old. After her first group lesson, she fell in love. I have found that fencing, even for her age, assists in developing not only physical endurance and agility but also strategic thinking. Wonderful coaching team, facility and sport for our daughter.

Janet Brown

This is the best fencing academy in Houston! We joined 4 years ago and it has been the best experience for my two boys. They have wonderful and experienced coaches. I would recommend Space City Fencing for all ages.

Iman Kamal

I’ve witnessed my son grow from a recreational fencer to a competitive fencer. Receiving coaching from the Space City Fencing staff, plus joining seasonal camps led by world class fencers had been very instrumental in his development. He still is a work in progress, but he has finally found a sport he truly enjoys. He is surrounded by nurturing coaches, supportive co-fencers and parents.


Best coaches around! All of the athletes are committed to having fun, helping each other and success. I would recommend Space City Fencing to anyone as they have fencing opportunities for all skill levels.

Steve Schoenberger

This is the best foil club in Houston, and one of the top schools in the U.S. They have classes to meet all skill levels: everything from beginner to world class fencers. My two children have been here over a year, now. They’ve both love it, and they’re in fantastic shape. We have a fencing family that really bonds together. All the children are very respectful and kind. This is the best sport my kids could have picked.


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