Team Building Event

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$300 for 20 people
$400 for 21-30 people
$500 for 31-40 people

At Space City Fencing we offer corporate team building fencing events which is an awesome way for your staff to bond together and have a great time learning a new sport. We offer team building for large groups who are looking for a fun and unique way to bond with their co-workers, boss, and friends.

Event Duration: 2 hours

Team Building Event Includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Fencing Games
  • Fencing Sparring

Team Building Event Details:

  • 30 minutes for warming up, stretching exercises, and fencing footwork
  • 60 minutes for fencing and fencing games
  • 30 minutes for snacks & socializing (or extra fencing time if desired)

We DO NOT Provide:

  • Desserts, beverages, and party decorations
  • Video or photography equipment

Fencing Academy Provides:

  • Music, tables and chairs: We are happy to accommodate special music or theme requests