About Space City Fencing

Fencing for All!

Space City Fencing is split between Recreational and Competitive fencing. We fully support recreational fencing and we strive to provide an exciting, fun outlet with fencing lessons for kids as well as adults or anyone in the Greater Houston Area who’s interested in pursuing the sport in a relaxed manner. However, what sets us apart from other Houston fencing schools is our focus on achievement and success. Fencers with more ambitious dreams of National Titles and Olympic Medals will find coaches at our academy who know exactly how to develop them into the level they aspire to be.

Our main fencing academy in Houston is located near Rice and the Houston Medical Center on Bellaire Blvd. and Stella Link. However, Space City Fencing has a variety of other locations in Houston, Pearland, and Sugar Land where we conduct lessons for kids, teens, and adults of all levels.

Our fencers’ parents describe our club as a “family” where everyone is important. We are not just a fencing school focused on quantity, we focus on the quality of our fencers’ training and fencing skills. Even our lessons for kids focus on each individuals strengths and weaknesses to help them succeed in fencing as well as in life.

Our Mission

The mission of Space City Fencing Academy is to promote and train fencers in the Greater Houston Area as well as empowering youths and adults to develop confidence through the tradition of fencing in a fun, supportive environment.

We seek to actively develop fencers and encourage participation in the sport from people of all backgrounds and nationalities, regardless of age and ability.  Our goal is to provide a high level of instruction at our fencing school as well as broaden the interest and improve the quality of fencing in Texas. Our fencers have fenced in Division One and Ivy League Colleges as well as competed in the Olympics and won National Championships.

Space City Fencing Academy looks to provide the resources and dedicated staff of international coaches with experience as champions and Olympic trainers, to promote excellence and success to all our fencers, even beyond the fencing strip.

Meet Our Crew

Ammar Aboelkheir

General Manager

Ahmed Rosowsky

Head Coach

Bassel ElNaggar

Foil Coach

Luis Nuñez

Foil Coach

Farah Aal Maroof

Assistant Manager