2005 Junior Olympics — 2 New A’s!

Results & Medals

Neely placed the highest of all our fencers at JO’s, earning her “A” in the Junior Women’s Epee event of 159 fencers. She was followed closely by Rebecca Rea, who earned her “B”. Both are Cadet fencers, so their victories are particularly poignant.
7. Brandfield-Harvey, Neely
16. Rea, Rebecca M

Junior Men’s Foil event had 221 of the nations finest foilists. All three of Space City Fencing’s fencers placed well, but Sutter surpassed everyone by taking top 8 and earning an “A” rating.
8. Sutter, Colin
25. Parkins, Benjamin B
119. El-Saleh, W.M. Michela

Almost as large a field was the Junior Men’s Epee event which had 211 fencers. Veteran Zoltan Krudy placed well in this event, but did much better later in the Cadet event. This was Austin’s first JO, and he was also fencing out of his age group (Austin is a Cadet).
97.T Krudy, Zoltan A
134. Meyer, Austin R

Having only been fencing saber for 8 months the Salle’s Junior Men’s Saberists had a difficult time. However it should be noted that Travis was the youngest fencer in the Junior event, just having turned 13.
138.T Hirschfeld, Teddy K
158. Overton, Travis J

All our Junior Women’s Foil women’s foilist did admirably well. The youngest Elizabeth placed top 32, a tremendous victory. Julia and Sasha did fantastic, for then this year has been difficult to train, having to squeeze fencing time between college course work and preparation.
26. Rhodes, Elizabeth
42. Pike, Julia R

49. Stein, Sasha

Our young Cadet Men’s Foil fenced well, in the largest competition of the tournament (253). Ben Nichols and Micheal both placing in the top 64.
12.T Parkins, Benjamin B
57. Nichols, Benjamin M
61. El-Saleh, W.M. Michael

The Cadet Men’s Epee (224 competitors) better reflected Austin and Zoltan’s epee skills, with Zoltan placing 10th! followed by Gregory and Patrick.
10. Krudy, Zoltan A
69. Meyer, Austin R
95. Micek, Gregory J
151. Gremillion, Patrick

Travis Overton did much better in the Cadet event, as did David Chao, both of whom made it out of pools narrowly loosing two bouts la belle. Both lost their first DE’s to two of the nations top ranked Cadet fencers 15-8. The Cadet Men’s Saber event was their first national tournament ever and in David’s case his third tournament ever.

110.T Overton, Travis J
119.T Chao, David K

Our ladies epeeists placed higher in the more difficult Junior event, but still did admirably well in the Cadet Women’s Epee competition.
17. Brandfield-Harvey, Neely
29. Donnenberg, Elizabeth
45. Rea, Rebecca M

Cadet Women’s Foil 185 Our up and coming women foilists placed solidly.
33. McDermott, Catherine
44. McDermott, Elizabeth
61. Rhodes, Elizabeth
100. Brents, Emily K.H.

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