Summer Camps in Pearland, TX

Have you been looking for a new hobby that fits different age groups and builds confidence to try this summer? Beginners and competitive fencers near Pearland, TX, or the surrounding areas can attend summer camps offered by Space City Fencing. In a supportive and safe setting, fencing can be an exciting and enjoyable hobby that helps you feel empowered and gain confidence this summer.

We Offer Summer Camps

Space City Fencing Academy, one of the country’s largest and most successful fencing clubs, provides beginner-friendly recreational fencing summer day camps. Our indoor program is open to children ages six and up who are interested in the exhilarating world of swordplay. Beyond fencing, this great summer program for kids includes other activities. We have mind-expanding entertainment like checkers, chess, Monopoly, and indoor ball games like dodgeball. 

We provide camps that help more seasoned fencers hone their cognitive and motor skills. Our more advanced camps, Camp Intensity and Camp Victory, draw notable visitors worldwide. All participants’ skill levels are raised due to these intense and rigorous programs, which also maintain a fun and educational atmosphere.

Summer Camps in Pearland, TX

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Our land is one of the fastest-growing cities in Houston and Texas. With affordable housing and superb quality of life, Pearland has experienced tremendous growth. Pearland offers residents safe neighborhoods and outstanding schools, offering the big city feel and experience while remaining quiet and humble. 

Near Rice and the Houston Medical Center on Bellaire Blvd. and Stella Link, our main fencing academy in Houston offers an encouraging and empowering environment. Our academy is dedicated to promoting and teaching fencers in the Greater Houston Area, including Pearland and Sugar Land. Please stop by and visit us. Everyone is welcome, all ages and skill levels. We hope to see you soon.

Commonly Asked Questions About Fencing Summer Camps

This section will cover a few commonly asked questions about fencing summer camp

What Ages Are Allowed To Attend Camp?

At Space City Fencing Academy, we welcome and encourage children of all skill levels and ages six and up. Our beginner camps are perfect for those with little or no fencing experience. We also offer more advanced fencing camps, creating a more competitive and intense challenge while maintaining a fun and exciting environment. 

Will There Be Other Activities Or Just Fencing?

While our camps focus on learning and honing fencing strategies and tactics, we also provide several other fun activities and sports for camp-goers. We play indoor ball games, including handball, dodgeball, and other sporting activities. Camp-goers will also have their minds challenged through games such as chess, checkers, and Monopoly. Fun movies are also an activity you can expect to enjoy. 

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We actively encourage people from all cultures and nations to join fencing, regardless of age or skill level.  At Space City Fencing Academy, we work to raise the standard of instruction for our students, spark their interest in the sport, and promote fencing in Texas. Contact us now for a free trial lesson or to learn more about our summer camp program.