Summer National Atlanta 2006

Results & Medals
Team Building Events in Pearland

Congratulations to all our 40 athletes who represented Space City Fencing at summer nationals.

Space City Fencing coaches and students proudly returned back from the 2006 Summer National Championships in Atlanta GA with medals in all three weapons!

Congratulations to all our Medalists!!!

Benjamin Parkins Bronze Medal U19 Men’s Foil, Silver Medal Open Men’s Foil Team

Neely Brandfield-Harvey Bronze Medal, Div1 Women’s Epee

Chris Ahn. 7th Place, U12 Boy’s Saber

Thomas Dudey. 5th Place, U10 Boy’s Foil

Elizabeth Donnenberg. Bronze Medal, U14 Girl’s Epee

Michael El-Saleh. Silver Medal Open Men’s Foil Team

Benjamin McDonald. 6th Place, U14 Boy’s Epee

Colin Sutter. 6th Place Div1A Men’s Foils, Silver Medal Open Men’s Foil Team

Mauro Hamza . Silver Medal Open Men’s Foil Team

Div1 Men’s Foil

28-Colin Sutter

29-Benjamin Parkins

34-Michael El-Saleh

Div1A Men’s Foil

7th-Colin Sutter

38th-Michael El-saleh

Div1 women’s Epee

3rd-Neely Brandfield-Harvey

35- Rebecca Rea

Div1A Women’s Foil

42-Elizabeth Rhodes

Open Team Men’s Foil

2nd-Michael El-Saleh

2nd-Mauro Hamza

2nd-Colin Sutter

2nd-Benjamin Parkins

U19 Men’s Foil

3-Benjamin Parkins

19-Colin Sutter

25-Benjamin Nichols

61-Michael El-Saleh

DivII Men’s Foil

109-Grant Ephross

223-Douglas Monroe

DivII Women’s Epee

71-Emma Buckingham

118- Amy Frake

DivII Women’s Foil

39th-Elizabeth Rhodes

Lauren Thompson

DivIII Men’s Epee

76-Patrick Gremillion

202-Cody Melcher

DivIII Men’s Foil

194-Douglas Monroe

DivIII Women’s Epee

38-Emma Buckingham

U19 Men’s Epee

123-Nick Negron

DivII Men’s Saber

34-David Chao

53-Travis Overton

U19 Women’s Epee

11-Neely Brandfield-Harvey

42-Rebecca Rea

U16 Men’s Epee

58-Gregory Micek

67-Benjamin Mcdonald

121-Nicholas Negron

U19Women’s Foil

61-Elizabeth Rhodes

Youth 14 Girl’s Epee

3rd– Elizabeth Donnenberg

U16 Men’s Foil

65-Michael Dudey

134-Grand Ephross

U16 Women’s Epee

15-Rebecca Rea

17-Neely Brandfield-Harvey

29-Elizabeth Donnenbery

76-Amy Frake

U16 Men’s Saber

57- Travis Overto

Youth 14 Boy’s Epee

6-Benjamin Mcdonlad

32-Gregory Micek

63-Nichols Negron

Youth 14 Boy’s Saber

35-Travis Overton

66-Nichols Chao

Youth 14 Girl’s Foil

70- Sarah Followill

Youth 14 Boy’s Foil

26-Michael Dudey

126-Grant Ephross

135-Dennes Marton

165-Ira Schlossberg

Youth 12 Boy’s Foil

21-Thomas Dudey

23-Michael Dudey

32-Ira Schlosberg

50-Denes Marton

67-Lewis Weiss

158-Davis Stubblefield

Youth 12 Boy’s Epee

28-Lewis Weiss

38-Joseph Broods de vita

Youth 12 Girl’s Epee

46th-Alexis Gremillion

13-U19 Womens Epee Team

Rebecca Rea

Elizabeth Donnenberg

Amy Frake

Emma Buckingham

28-U19 Men’s Epee Team

Partick Gremillion

Ben Mcdonald

Gregory Micek

Nick Negron

Youth 12 Girl’s Foil

10-Sarah Followill

Youth 10 Boy’s Foil

5th Tomas Dudey

11-Logan Somera

16-Chafic Charafeddine

48-Davis Stubblefield

DivIII Womens foil

Lauren Thompson

youth 10 Girls Epee

18-Alexandria Micek

Youth 12 Boy’s Sabre

7th– Chris Ahn

Youth 10 Boy’s Epee

28-Nichols Sempere

37-Marwan Charafeddine

Veteran 50-59 Women’s Saber

18-Rachel El-Saleh

Veteran 50-59 Women’s Epee

16-Rachel El-Saleh

Veteran 50-59 Men’s Foil

22-Aldo Precciozzi

Veteran 50-59 Women’s foil

20-Rachel El-Saleh

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