Kids Birthday Party

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Birthday Parties
Looking to throw a new and unique party for your kids? Come try fencing parties with us! We guarantee a TON of Fun!

A Fencing Birthday will capture everyone’s imagination and attention with fencing games, and dueling. Invite up to 20 friends for two hours of swashbuckling fun!

The party is scheduled for two hours for 4-year olds and up. The first 30 minutes is used for warming up, stretching, fencing games and fencing footwork. The class will follow and last approximately 60 minutes followed by fencing and a fencing game at the end. Parents may take videos and pictures. The remaining 30 minutes is for cake and gifts. The fencing academy will supply coaches, music, table and chairs. Parents are responsible for everything else needed for the party. We are happy to accommodate special music or theme requests. A confirmed head count is appreciated at least two days prior to the date.
For reservations, please contact:
Noura Younis at 713-436-1240 or 832-778-8745

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