What Are The Benefits Of Taking Fencing Classes?

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Is fencing something you have thought about for you or a family member to take? Maybe you weren’t sure if it was right for you or not. There are so many benefits of taking lessons. You will grow in strength and as an individual. 

There Are Benefits To Taking Fencing Classes

There are many benefits to taking a fencing class. A lifelong activity that will help you in many areas of your life. Which include, but are not limited.


  • Flexibility improvement
  • Better reflexes
  • Greater strength
  • Coordination increased
  • Stress levels reduced
  • Better mental clarity
  • Better heart health
  • Self-discipline improved
  • Confidence builder 


These fantastic benefits will not just be for classes. They will roll over into your everyday life and help you grow. It doesn’t matter your age. You will learn some amazing skills. 

What Skills Will You Learn?

You will learn what it is like to work on something that is physically demanding. Fencing is a sport that requires independent thinking and proper discipline—strategic thinking and engagement of both the body and mind. You will learn many attributes as a fencer that will transfer over to real-life situations. 

Learning good sportsmanship and self-discipline are vital for a fencer. This sport is just plain fun! Blade work, footwork, and tactics are three crucial skills that you need to implement to be a good fencer. If you are new to this sport or not even sure what it’s about for your kid, try a summer fencing camp first. 


Can Fencing Help Children?

Fencing can be very engaging and helps with a child’s imagination. No other sport does this for them. A child’s creativity level is sparked, and they start coming up with different moves and great strategies to outdo their opponent. If someone is trying to hit you with a sword, you aren’t going to let that happen. It should only take a few moments to lead your opponent into a trap. 


Your child’s mental clarity needs to be on point. This is a mentally engaging sport. It’s fast-moving and requires thinking ahead and focus. They are learning to adapt quickly to every situation. Kids have to interact physically and verbally. A great way to keep children off devices these days would be getting them into a sport that causes them to be more active and dedicated. 

What Age Is The Best Age To Start Learning?

Fencing classes are great for any age. However, it is recommended that children be around seven years old before joining a club. At seven years old, they are the ideal age for listening and taking in the information given. 

There truly isn’t an age limit on becoming a fencer. Give it a try, and you even know you might fall in love with the sport. As long as you are training often and smart and have good coaching in a supportive environment, you will do great in this sport. 

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Making progress is what it’s all about. Finding something you love and can work hard at. Becoming a fencer might be just what you need in your life. Here at Space City Fencing we can help mold and train children into being strong confident individuals. Call us today. 

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