What Are The Basics of Fencing?

habits to be a better fencer

Fencing isn’t the most common sport in America, but it is a fantastic way to get exercise and learn more fine motor skills. You’ve seen it in all the TV shows and movies, but how do you do it? If you’re interested in trying it and live in the Houston, TX area, contact Space City Fencing Academy to schedule a class. In the meantime, here are a few basics to go over before you join us!

Before We Get The Basics, We Need Equipment!

With the fun of a new sport, comes the fun of looking for new equipment. Don’t worry, though, we provide your equipment for the first class. However, if you decide to continue this discipline, you may need a handful of things. 

  • Fencing Blades
  • A Fencing Mask 
  • A chest protector
  • Guards
  • Grips
  • Saber Gloves
  • Fencing Shoes
  • Etc. 

This sounds stressful, but no worries! We are here to help guide and teach about what specific equipment you may need. Fencing isn’t just about the equipment, it’s about the confidence you build in it. Kids all over the state, even in the country, participate from as young as three years old in this beautiful art. Some colleges even offer scholarships for fencing, such as Notre Dame or Penn State.  Opening opportunities for you and your family from a young age, fencing gives way for new adventures to take place, physically and academically. 

Down To Basic Business 

There are dozens of terms that have been used in fencing. While we won’t necessarily be able to go to all of them, we can go over the most important one. Allèz is the term that tends to commence at the beginning of a match. It is french for “Let’s go.” The beginning of a match is started in the “Prett” position, in which both competitors squat, facing the other from across the mat.  From there, positions and stances may vary. The end goal of Fencing is to poke and jab your opponent more to score more points. You can use many defenses, like the Parry (to move the saber out of the way with your own saber), and attacks, such as Lunge (leaping forward for the tap). 

 Come See Us in Houston, TX!

It may seem complicated, but this elegant sport is a great source of exercise. Not only that, it offers opportunities to try a unique sport and be eligible for scholarships with a much smaller pool of interest. We are located in Houston, Texas (The Space City itself!), but we welcome clients from all surrounding counties to fence with us! The instructors at Space City Fencing Academy are ecstatic to meet you! Contact us today.

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