Can Fencing Classes Improve Cognitive Ability in Children in Houston, TX?

fencing for kids

There are many great benefits that kids can gain from taking fencing classes. There is a lot of structured discipline associated with this type of sport. Kids can work on many developmental skills, such as cognitive abilities when taking fencing classes at Space City Fencing. This article will discuss some of the many qualities you can see come out in your child when they take fencing classes. 

It Is Good For the Brain

A child’s brain is moldable and influenced by the things that you introduce them to. You can give your child a great service by giving them the avenues they need to grow. It is good for children to be taught many different experiences. 

You can help strengthen and encourage their minds to explore and develop healthily. Any time you can find your child an opportunity to create more beneficial cognitive skills, you should take advantage of it. Not only will you be happy, but your child will also thank you in the long run. 

It Helps Kids With ADHD

Children with ADHD often have trouble in group sports. They have trouble being in a group activity and participating with other children. Taking turns and staying attentive can be a difficult task for these kids. Fencing is a great environment to get them involved in. 

There is learning and movement combined to keep their attention. They can also gain the skills they need to cope in other situations. Their lessons can flood over into their behavior skills at home and in school. 

It Encourages Self-Control and Confidence

Something that many kids struggle with is having self-control. Even some adults have trouble with this important skill. Through the strategic and detailed training that goes on in a fencing school, they will learn great skills in controlling themselves in different situations. 

Confidence is unfortunately a struggle for many kids. It can cause them to be timid, shy, and uncomfortable in many different situations. That makes making friends and getting involved a struggle for them. Fencing can bring out their confidence and show them what they are capable of. 

Hand-Eye Coordination Is Improved and Balance

The sport of fencing is all about escaping the sword that is headed toward you by the opponent. That means that you have to be swift and focused on the task at hand. The instructors will teach the kids to pay attention and improve their hand-eye coordination. 

Balance is another great skill that comes in handy for many different reasons. Do you have a clumsy child? It is a running joke in many families. Kids can gain a much better center of gravity by letting kids learn the many fencing skills. 

Self-Defense Skills Are Incorporated

There is never a time in life that is too soon to learn valuable skills in self-defense. Kids can learn these skills at an early age and gain more confidence in their everyday lives. Many don’t realize how many of these needed skills you will learn in these classes. 

You will not always have a fencing sword in your hand when a situation arises that you need these skills. But, it is the core of the skills that will help you. Your child will know how to be aware of their surroundings, get out of different situations, and more. 

Call Space City Fencing Academy

Are you ready to get your kid involved in fencing classes? We would love for you to put your trust in our school to give your child the skills they need. Contact Space City Fencing Academy to get information about our classes and prices. We look forward to having your child in one of our classes soon.

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