Survival Tournament Eating

Survival Tournament Eating

Are your kids training for an upcoming fencing tournament? Preparing the body with excellent nutrition is just as important as physical training. The instructors at Space City Fencing Academy have a few nutritional tips to get your kids prepared and help maintain energy levels. 

Why Tournament Eating Matters

What exactly is tournament eating? Certain foods can make the difference between surviving the tournament for a few more hours or a few more minutes. Filling your body with nutritious snacks and protein will help sustain you throughout competition day and increase mental focus as well. 

Food is an essential energy source the body always needs. This is especially true for young athletes. Sugary snacks give temporary energy, but then quickly drain it from the body. However, high protein and carbohydrates will provide the essential energy your child needs to finish the competition strong. 

Planning Nutrition For Optimal Success 

Now that we know the importance of tournament eating, let’s explore how to plan your child’s nutrition plan for optimal success. Although fueling up for the big day is important, it’s also important to avoid overeating. Intentional planning of the right foods will make a huge difference in energy levels and focus. 

What Foods Should You Eat On Tournament Day?

Many fencers do not eat heavily the day before a tournament or even on the big day. However, each child is different. It’s important for children to have parental guidance when selecting their meals. Dried fruits, nuts, oatmeal, eggs, bananas, or turkey jerky are lighter options but deliver a strong dose of fuel for young bodies. 

Eating breakfast is the key to sustained energy throughout the day. It’s helpful to avoid heavy breakfast choices on the big day. This will leave children feeling sluggish and unfocused, which is the worst way to survive a tournament. 

What Foods Should You Avoid Eating?

While many students may feel tempted to reach for the sugary drinks and snacks for energy, this is the worst thing to do. Muscles need carbohydrates to release fuel in the body. Sugary fruit snacks and drinks can suppress muscle strength and trigger insulin resistance. Chips, candy bars, and other sugary foods will increase blood sugar and can lead to dizziness during the day. Instead, encourage meat and cheese roll-ups, nut butters and whole grain crackers, or hummus and raw vegetables. 

Don’t Forget Hydration

Water is even more essential than food on tournament day. Depending on how long your child is fencing, they can sweat and lose a high percentage of hydration from their body. Drinking a few cups of water every few hours will help replenish lost fluids and boost their energy. While sports drinks contain electrolytes, they also have sugar or preservatives, which can also deplete energy levels. Water is the way to go. 

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